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    Welcome to website. I will be adding new photos and videos from time to time. I do hope you will like the contents on this site and wish you could share it with others. I thank you and please visit again, Hussein Kefel



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My name is Hussein Kefel owner of this website. Photography is my hobby and passion. I inherited this gift from my late Father whom I missed so much (May His Soul Rest In Peace). I like filming as well. I was born and raised in a beautiful natural West African Country Called Sierra Leone, a Country I always describe as A hidden paradise on earth, and indeed it is ..

Sierra Leone is blessed with beautiful natural green landscapes,white sandy beaches,thick forests, long rivers,with tall palm trees,coconut,mango,papaya,orange,tangerine fruits and much more. It's ocean is full of fishes and my favorite type is the Barracuda fish. Sierra Leone is also among the world's top diamond exporters and is known for having the finnest diamonds in the world. Above all Sierra Leoneans are friendly and generous people.

About Dubai:
Dubai is ranked the second world’s most popular destination for shopping after the United States and ahead of popular shopping destinations like Singapore, France, UK, and Hong Kong among others. With a long history as a trading hub, today Dubai is synonymous with shopping. The U.A.E in particular is a country I recommend any businessman to invest in.
From a business point of view I see U.A.E growing despite all the economic challenges. U.A.E Means Business! and I love that.

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